If you have items to sell but are unsure how to proceed, please contact us for guidance on how to sell the items at one of our monthly auctions. The commission on sale is 15% incl. VAT on the club amount, as well as a strike charge of SEK 50 incl. VAT.


Do you have any items of higher value, such as a valuable antique, an artifact or higher quality modern item that you are looking for to sell? If so, please feel free to contact us and send us a picture so we can review the item and evaluate it, as well as agree on any sales. Our auctions are attended by many potential customers and the closing prices follow current market value.

Opening times for drop-offs

Häradsvägen 24, Borlänge
Drop-off: Mondays - Thursdays 14.00-18.00
Tel: 0243-23 67 90
Bankgiro: 5498-3051


For all bidding options, you need to have a customer number with us. Register here easily on the website. Please contact us in good time before the auction for assistance with registering. On club fee 20% commission fee incl. VAT + 30 SEK tax. All bids are binding.

Participating in the auction

As a buyer, there are several ways to participate in bidding. Register easily here on the website to get started.

  • Bid in the auction hall.
  • Leave a written pre-order in the hall during display or auction.
  • Bid online up until the auction starts.
  • Bid during the auction by phone, when telephone calls are made in advance.

All offers are treated confidentially. In our online catalog, the leading bid is visible, but never the customer's maximum bid. At club auction, our bid service follows the specified maximum bid up to the maximum amount specified, so the product can be clubbed much lower than the stated maximum bid although never lower than the online directory's leading bid. When several bids of the same amount are entered, the bid of the first bidder is valid.

Pickup and delivery

Purchased goods can be collected no later than 5 days after the auction, unless otherwise agreed. We provide storage possibilities for smaller goods, however, all goods are stored at the customer's own risk. We handle packing and ship by bus or mail at a favorable price. Costs for packing and shipping goods are charged by postage table plus about 50-100 kronor in packing fee, unless the item is large, consists of many goods ,or is hard packed. We pack carefully, but do not accept liability for damage or lost packages after the package has been shipped.

Auction terms

ART is usually given with the artist's name and year of living, meaning that the work of art is, in our opinion, a work of the artist. Other possible terms are: Attributed = The work is, in our opinion, a work by the specified artist but may, for example, be missing signature.

His nature = Constructs the work of art in the artist's way, but is probably not performed by the artist himself.

After = The artwork has been copied or influenced by the artist.

Unidentified artist = The artist is not represented. The basis of previous sales is missing. The artist is unknown.

CONDITION of the product is examined as time goes by on sale. The term "Slight wear" usually indicates an expected normal appearance of the product.

"Wear" usually indicates that the product is in worse condition than expected, less damage may occur.

Significant injuries are usually always stated in the text, exceptions may be occupational injuries to eg. general property or occupational injuries on larger furniture.

If nothing is related to fitness, the item may be perceived as normal or unused condition. However, the customer may apply for a condition report on the item if on-site inspection is not possible. Large dishes, party items, etc. can be damaged and worn without the text being specified, and should be examined by the customer himself.

CURRENT CONDITION All items are sold in the existing condition. However, we try to as accurately as possible guide the buyer by describing any defects. All mechanical items are sold in the fully existing condition, such as watches, motors etc. When selling modern electrical items, the seller has 3 days' right to claim the goods. On older electronic devices, i.e. those more than 10 years, no warranty is given unless otherwise specified in the directory text.

DIMENSIONS are given in parentheses after the description of the object. Highest height is usually indicated when several objects appear in a call. Measurements on paintings are always indicated. Height X Width, and always refers to the image area excluding frame.