Monthly auction

Sunday the 3rd of october Preview

Monthly auction the 3rd of october

Starting at 12pm
The catalog will be published the 30th of september.

Viewing hours in Borlänge
For everyones safety the viewing hours are limited to booking only
Pre registration is also required to be able to participate in the auctionroom during the sale
Bidding is at the moment preferably done online or by placing phonebid

Contact us for more information

How to participate in the auction:
Online bidding Bids online can be placed until before the auction starts
Phone bidding Pre-registration required, can be placed until one hour prior to the auction starts
Bidding in the room During the sale
Bidding before the sale The bidding forms can be filled out before, or during the auction

We can arrange shipping of smaller lots, and do provide transport to our Stockholm offices
Contact us for more information

Information about COVID-19
The upcoming auctions are still taking place as of now
For the safety of our staff and our costumers precautions are beeing taken
We arrange shipping and storing of purchased goods

Evaluations and consignments

Contact us for free evaluations
Online evaluations can be sent at

Home visits can be booked by contacting us at 0243-236 790 or for the Stockholm area 08-508 677 30.

Evaluations and consignments in Borlänge, Häradsvägen 24: Monday to thursday 2pm - 6pm

Evaluations and consignments in Stockholm, Gullmarsvägen 42: Tuesday and thursday 12pm - 5pm.

Evaluations and consignments in Stockholm, Essinge brogata 4: Monday and wednesday 12pm - 5pm

Monthly auction

Sunday the 12th of september